Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Today is Open Mic!

Dear Peeps!!! See you ALL tonite for the Open Mic at 7pm!!! 
There is some confusion about the street name duhhhhhhhh!!! Some maps say Okasha St, some say Amir St. The Mashreq bank is on the corner of OUR street and the building is No 10 and says 'Career Gates' and also says 'Faculty for Art & Design'. It was the MSA building. Here is a map for Mashreq bank, turn down the street at Mashreq bank and go to no 10 then you can't go wrong!!! If you still get lost then ask at El Mesaha Arts & Culture Center (on 13 Mesaha Street) which also has a sign saying Career Gates!!! We are part of El Mesaha, in one of their buildings. http://www.yellowpages.com.eg/profile/MTgyNjAw/Mashreq-Bank.html

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