Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The First Day of Writers' Centre at El Mesaha Arts & Culture Center

Well yesterday was the first Tuesday at the Writers' Centre at El Mesaha Arts & Culture Center and it was very pleasant to sit in the courtyard garden with its lovely trees and atmosphere and apart from doing some editing I had various literary conversations (as well as 'normal' ones) ;) with Sofia, Roby and Hany.  I assessed the space inside the building which has been allotted to the Writers' Centre and I envisioned how it can be as time goes by.  

Donations very welcome of: 
second hand books welcome to build the library
cups/mugs and kitchen things for the making drinks area 
comfy chairs for the reading space by the library area

Please take a look at the photos via this link:

We have no wireless there yet, so if you wish to be online then do bring your USB Internet sticks ;)

Remember the Writer's Center will be open from now on to the public every Tuesday from 1 to 9 pm for anyone who wants to work, read, hang out or create projects, there will be events and screenings as well soon - so watch out for the schedule!

We are at 10 Amir Street, Dokki, just off Mesaha Street and square (side of El Mesaha Arts & Culture Center) or people can ask at the El Mesaha Centre. We have a whole building and courtyard!! See you there!!!  Tuesdays 1pm to 9pm  :))

*10 LE minimum donation for drop in use (stay as long as you like).

Writers' Centre at El Mesaha Arts & Culture Center, (our building is at 10 Amir Street, Dokki)

El Mesa7a Art & Culture Center
13 El-Mesaha St. Dokki, Gizah

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