Thursday, 14 February 2013

A New Home for the Writers' Centre!

I am very pleased to announce that after a long and winding road the Writers' Centre has found a new home at El Mesa7a Arts & Culture Center, Dokki.

Thank you to Hany Adly of El Mesa7a Arts & Culture Center for making this possible by offering the wonderful space and working with me to bring this vision to reality.

All writers and interested people will be able to drop in and use the space to write, share, network, have a coffee - each and every Tuesday, from 1pm to 9pm, starting February 19th.

There will be various events plotted into Tuesdays also such as writing surgeries, workshops, day trips, readings, performances and open mic. And the space will start a small library, which I hope will grow over time with donations of books.

Sundays at El Mesa7a will see a programme of Creative Writing courses being available; adverts will be put out soon.

Looking forward to seeing YOU!!! :)))

Check for updates in next days for exact times for Tuesdays' drop ins.

There will be a 10 LE minimum donation request for each 'drop in visit' to help with expenses, but you can stay for as long as the space is open. The Tuesday 'event programme' will be a mix of free and paid events – details will be given as the schedule is put together.

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