Thursday, 4 June 2015

Short Story Course in the month of Ramadan

Write a short story during the month of Ramadan!

The Short Story course is available at Art Lounge, in Zamalek, though due to Ramadan it will be at earlier times than usual. 

Email to arrange registration: 

Students can rest assured that if they miss any class for any reason (during Ramadan or at any time) they can receive work via email with exercises clearly written, audio and also some video sections to help them.


Here is a small video to introduce the Short Story course

Short Story Course with Linda Cleary

For those who completed the 4 week Creative Writing course or who have proven writing skills.

This course focuses on work on character, voice, atmosphere, plot and building story and we continue with further creative writing expansion techniques.
We also read published short stories for discussion and understanding format, focusing on the necessary elements for each student to produce a final draft of a 1000 word narrative.

4 weeks (8 hr course)
once a week on Sundays starting 21st June
from 1pm to 3pm


Art Lounge Cairo
37 B Ahmed Heshmat Street,1st floor, apartment 2, Zamalek

Places limited to 10 people

Price 585 LE

Email to arrange registration:

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