Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Literary Felucca on the Nile AKA Action Felucca!

We took another literary felucca on the Nile - this time with just 5 of us - but we still had poems and stories till the end of the 75min trip. The felucca today was action packed as you will see in the photos! As when we arrived to the banks of the Nile the water was out quite a way and the two feluccas were a little stuck in mud. We had to jump onto the largest felucca (which had 5 girls on it already) then after that one and the one next to it managed to get free from the banks so then the men brought the smaller 2nd felucca round and we had to do a transfer in the middle of the Nile by hopping over, then after a few minutes our usual boatman jumped aboard from another felucca further down the Nile and the boatman we had got off - then we were on our way! We had a fabulously inspiring ride around the island then when we returned we had to again transfer boats by jumping over from one to the other in the middle of the waters then climb onto a table - yes a table - that was placed near to the banks and finally we were home and dry :)

Please click the following link to see the public photo album of the Nile Literary Felucca:

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