Sunday, 9 June 2013

All Things In Good Time

Dear All

Well it's been a busy time as ever here in Cairo with courses and working with various private students also.  I have also been doing a lot of my own work, my own writing, both with new poems and also a new series of short stories Stories From the Other Side - you can check my blog for that: 

I was hoping to join a writers' residency program myself through July/August in Europe, looking at Berlin and Italy, however it all seems rather convoluted! And so now I shall just go on a European sojourn through July and return to Cairo after Ramadan (or at least towards the end).  I want to put together a publication and so I need to take time out to collect which work I will include and also write some new work.

In terms of the Writers' Centre.. well.. there is something in the oven cooking up but that is all I shall say for now!  But you can expect a few events in June before Ramadan at 'a as yet unnamed location..' - events such as some film screenings (of films taken from novels), and an open mic.  Then in the autumn I hope to be in situ in the new place and having a program of events and the drop in centre and courses - All!  I shall also be programming in a series of Creative Writing residential trips to Fayoum, Bahareya, Siwa and Aswan from autumn onwards, when the heat cools down a little!  So watch this space for all details as they get released!

And last but by no means least - I am planning to stage a Writers' Ball!!  Think - villa, masks, feathers, music, dance!  I have the villa, kindly donated by a friend!

All shall be revealed in good time..

For now, adieu!  :)


  1. Sounds fantastic, I am happy for you and glad to see things are running smoothly!
    All the best dear Linda,

  2. Thanks, Lia! I hope all is well with you too! :) I am answering you on the ARC blog next! :)