Thursday, 19 July 2012

Exploring Freedom - a 3 evening Creative Writing Workshop at Darb 1718

Exploring Freedom

a Creative Writing Course with Linda Cleary

Course details

Freedom – a much used word, certainly over the last 20 months. Yet freedom is a concept, perceived differently by each individual and with many gradients.

This 3 evening course will explore the theme of freedom, creating texts and narratives spring boarding from that. Students will learn various master class exercises to open up and improve their writing skills and work with metaphor and imagery. We will also look over some selected texts for discussion and work.

There is no criteria other than a willingness to open up one are writing; the course is designed that people of varying writing experience can participate and each draw their individual benefits.

Course hours

3 sessions of 2 hours each

1st, 4th and 6th August

9pm to 11pm

LE 520

at Darb 1718 for Contemporary Arts

For Registration

please contact Darb 1718 on 01117409697 to pay a deposit.
The deadline to pay is 30th of July

*Places limited to 15 people

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