Friday, 27 April 2012

Account of the Launch Party by Reine Naggar

Have you ever seen a cat eating jam? I had not till yesterday. My cat Mitsy who lived for  16 years, ate foul medames,boiled courgettes and even raw carrots but never jam.
A few days ago we were preparing for this special event. It was a cool summer evening and we were on the roof of a hotel in el Azhar, a very crowded but history rich discrict of Cairo.
A group of young artists were meeting to interact together to read poetry and prose, sing songs, and play musical instruments. There was a side table containing drinks, snacks and some chocolate and jam cookies.
While everyone was busy listening to the performers, an apricot coloured cat that had been roaming around in a friendly manner, decided to jump on the table and started systematically licking the jam off the cookies.
She was quite offended when I hurried to carry her down and place her on the floor. Thinking that she was very hungry, I took the few cookies she had licked, broke them into tiny pieces, and offered them to her.But no, she wanted only the jam. I was distracted from listening to the program. Mrs Apricot stealthily peeped at us to see if we were watching her, would jump on the table again and I would run to carry her down.
At the end of the evening I realized that I had not followed most of the program. All I know is that I kept carrying Mrs Apricot gently off the table- she was pregnant- to place her on the floor!.Next morning I woke up with a terrible backache the reason is clear.
Was it worth attending this event after all? Definitely. I am so proud that so many young Egyptians are so creative. If only they did not smoke so much. Anyway we were sitting in the open air, the weather was heavenly, a soft breeze was carressing our cheeks. The sky was clear. The moon showed up as a thin crescent of light, embracing one bright shining star. A priceless diamond.
Linda the creator of this project looked happy and satisfied.She had put so much effortand money into it. Had gone through so much frustration to accomplish it. God bless her. 

Well Mrs Apricot, next time I will get you a small pot of jam just for you.
Well done Linda. Keep up the good work.We definitely need more people like you to make the world, and especially Egypt a better place. Thanks.

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